Here Comes The Master Pie—The Chocolate-y, Peanut Butter-y Dessert Pie!

“Here Comes The Master Pie—The Chocolate-y, Peanut Butter-y Dessert Pie!” is a luxurious and indulgent dessert that masterfully combines the rich, creamy textures and flavors of chocolate and peanut butter. This pie starts with a crumbly, buttery base, often made from crushed cookies or graham crackers, providing a delightful contrast to the smooth fillings that follow.

The first layer of the pie is a luscious, velvety chocolate ganache, crafted from high-quality dark chocolate and heavy cream, melted and blended together to create a silky, rich texture. This chocolate layer sets the stage for the star of the pie: a thick, creamy peanut butter filling. This filling is typically made from smooth peanut butter, combined with powdered sugar and cream cheese (or sometimes whipped cream) to create a mousse-like consistency that’s both light and decadent.

Once the peanut butter layer is set, the pie is often topped with a final layer of chocolate ganache or a drizzle of melted chocolate, creating a visually stunning contrast. Some variations of the recipe include a sprinkle of sea salt on top, which enhances the flavors and adds a subtle crunch.

The pie is chilled in the refrigerator to allow the layers to firm up, resulting in a dessert that is both rich and refreshing. When served, each slice offers a harmonious blend of chocolate and peanut butter, with the smooth, cool layers melting in the mouth, providing a delightful sensory experience. The crust adds a necessary textural contrast, making each bite a perfect balance of flavors and textures.

“Here Comes The Master Pie” is not just a dessert, it’s a celebration of two beloved flavors, artfully combined in a pie form that is sure to impress and satisfy any sweet tooth, making it an ideal choice for special occasions or as a luxurious treat for any chocolate and peanut butter aficionado.


25 whole Oreos
4 Tablespoons Land O Lakes Butter, Melted
1 cup Jif Creamy Peanut Butter
1 package (8 Ounce) Philadelphia Softened Cream Cheese
1-1/4 cup Domino Powdered Sugar
1 package (8 Ounce) Cool Whip, Thawed


Crush the Oreos until they’re fine crumbs. Pour melted butter over the top and stir with a fork to combine. Press into pie pan and bake at 350 degrees for 5 to 7 minutes, or until set.
Remove from oven and allow to cool completely.
Beat the peanut butter with the cream cheese until smooth. Add powdered sugar and beat until smooth. Add in the thawed Cool Whip and beat mixture until smooth, scraping the sides as needed.
Pour filling into crust, evening out the top with a knife or spatula. Chill for at least an hour before serving.
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