Cinnamon Toast

Cinnamon Toast is a classic, simple yet delightful treat, often relished as a breakfast item or a sweet snack. This recipe begins with choosing the right type of bread – typically, a thick, hearty slice that can withstand the toasting process without losing its soft interior. White or whole wheat bread is commonly used, offering a neutral base for the flavors to come.

The bread is lightly toasted, either in a toaster or under a broiler, until it reaches a golden brown hue. This toasting process is crucial as it adds a crunch to the outer layer of the bread while keeping the inside soft and warm.

Once toasted, the bread is immediately brushed with melted butter. The butter, preferably unsalted, is spread evenly, allowing it to melt and seep into the warm bread, creating a moist, rich texture. This step is essential as it forms the base for the cinnamon sugar to adhere to.

The magic of Cinnamon Toast lies in its topping – a sweet, aromatic mixture of cinnamon and sugar. The ratio of cinnamon to sugar can vary depending on personal preference, but typically it’s about one part cinnamon to four parts sugar. This mixture is generously sprinkled over the buttered toast, covering it with a layer of sweet, spicy goodness. The heat from the toast helps to slightly melt the sugar, creating a slightly crispy, caramelized topping.

In some variations, a pinch of nutmeg or vanilla extract is added to the cinnamon-sugar mix for an extra layer of flavor. There’s also a method where the cinnamon, sugar, and butter are mixed together to form a spread which is then applied to the bread before toasting, leading to a more integrated flavor and a caramelized topping.

Once prepared, Cinnamon Toast is often cut into halves or quarters, making it easy to handle and eat. It’s best served immediately while the toast is warm and the sugar topping is slightly crispy. The warm, sweet aroma of cinnamon fills the air as it’s served, making it an inviting treat.

Cinnamon Toast is not just a recipe; it’s a comforting experience. The warmth of the toast, the richness of the butter, the sweetness of the sugar, and the spiciness of the cinnamon come together to create a delightful combination of flavors and textures. It’s a simple pleasure, often associated with childhood memories, cozy mornings, or relaxing afternoons. This dish, in its simplicity, celebrates the comfort of home cooking and the joy of simple ingredients coming together to create something delicious.


  • 1 person
  • 0.5 cinnamon sugar
  • Half-salt butter
  • 1 slice of white bread


Preparation: 5min
Cooking: 5min
Toast the slices of bread
Sprinkling with generous amount cinnamon sugar
Enjoy !

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